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Artists Statements

Artists Statements

Much of my inspiration is derived from a passion for the unexplained and the unexplainable, the study of 21st century psychoanalysis and a thirsty fascination with people and our relationship with the world.

I have always been intrigued with the physical human and animal form in relation to our mental psyche, emotional state and spiritual equilibrium

I endeavour to depict the feelings and truths that are hidden, undiscovered or ignored and by uncovering the hidden depths of the mind, find my work drawn to the exploration of social taboos and conformities seemingly ever present within modern societies. I attempt to question attitudes towards subjects, sometimes challenging to individuals at an emotional level

Because some of the works are for some, difficult to accept, either emotionally or visually, they take on both an ugly and a beautiful quality

I believe that clay itself holds its own energy and that by working with this energy through the process of hands on “creation”, the artist is able to reveal the hidden depths of the subconscious

At its best this communication between ones mind, body, spirit and environment creates an almost global connection, making it possible to produce work which hopefully speaks many languages.

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